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The main project of "Peace of art" is "Art Fight discrimination" a project that took time and several studies to be written and organized , it main goal is to bring youth of north Bekaa region coming from different religions and backgrounds together with the Syrian refugees , as well as improving their income and creating new opportunities for them and encourage them to discover their talents , enhance their skills and spread their word about peace and coexistence around the world, many activities were implemented by Peace of art members .


High school coordinators meeting

A meeting that held every month at our center where students from 3 high schools (Ras Baalback, Fakiha, Ain) meet together and organize acivities for their schools, also they are attending many trainings to enhance their artistic and civil skills.

Independance Day activities

Peace of Art has organized many activities during the indepedance day at high schools (Ras Baalback, Fakiha, Ain), activities included singing, drawing and dancing...


Civil training workshops

Peace of Art Team is attending many workshops with Local and international NGOs concerning subjects like (child protection, art therapy, conflicts resolution, needs assessment…) to build team capacities.


Drawing exhibition

Peace of Art has organized many exhibitions at high schools in order to support talented youth, where students have drawn on canvas boards many artboards about peace, coexistence and patriotism.


Christmas Orchestra

A Christmas Orchestra has been organized by the students of the academy, and they chose to play Christmas songs and dedicate it to the martyrs who sacrificed their souls to keep the country safe, and especially to Al-Kaa province that suffered from terrible events lately that ended up with the death of many innocents. Peace of Art has filmed a short clip of the orchestra while playing a Christmas song at Al-Kaa, to transfer the message of Love and Peace from Al-Kaa, to all of Lebanese regions . Attached you find the link of the video done by our orchestra (Watch the video)

contact us

Address 1 : Jdaydeh fakiha - North Bekaa, near mar jerjes church

Address 2: Al- Ain main road- North Bekaa

Email : mehdi.yehya@peaceofartlb.com

Phone Numbers : +96170737223 - +96176625076

Skype Account : peaceofartlb

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